Clinical Supplies Procurement

  • Ancillaries supplies sourcing
  • Comparator drug sourcing
  • Lab kit building
  • Secondary Re-Labelling
  • Regulatory support

Storage and Distribution

  • Ancillary supplies
  • IMP: comparator  or concomitant drug
  • Validated storage facilities 15-25°C, 2-8 °C, -20 °C, -70 °C
  • Shipment/Site Coordination
  • International courier & local delivery of IMP/Ancillaries
  • Specimen Handling
  • Importer of record (IOR) and customs clearance

Returns Management

  • IMP Returns & Reconciliation
  • Destruction Services
  • Recyclable Shipper Boxes
  • Multi-use temperature loggers & Data management

Site Management

  • Professional Registered Nurse
  • Handle Phase I to Phase IV clinical Trials
  • Collaborate with clinical trial center of hospital
  • Direct to Patient
  • Home Nursing

Site Management Service

  • Provide clinical Research Nurses at hospitals for clinical trial
  • Provide professional consulting and handling on clinical Trials from Phase I ~phase IV
  • Adopting COVID-19 pandemic to provide Direct to Patient services
  • Collaborate with clinical Trial Center of hospitals for study nurse training.
  • Collaborate with Home Health Care of hospitals to implement the Home Nursing Service on clinical Trial.

Direct to Patient (DTP)

Adopting COVID-19 pandemic to provide Direct to Patient services. The Direct to patient (DTP) program is a solution for reducing the subject’s risk of exposure infections at the hospital during the infectious disease pandemics (eg:emergency situation).